PACER (Parent and Child Educational Resources) is an organization devoted to the education of parents and children in areas of problem-solving, conflict resolution, self-discovery and self development. We accomplish this mission by working within the community to facilitate seminars, workshops, and trainings that give parents and children the skills to develop themselves and create a world in which they want to live. Please contact us to find out about all we have to offer.


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Effective Parenting is a tough job; it requires strength of character, patience, empathy, and consistency. Whether you are a co-parent, a single parent, or are thinking of becoming a parent, we can help you focus your attention on The Best Interest of Children, and on finding the support and resources to become a creative problem-solver for yourself and your children.

Our PACER Workshops can help you craft a Parenting Plan, a Co-Parenting Plan, build a Family Website, or we will point you in the direction of helpful resources.

Our Organization provides Educational Seminars on a variety of topics such as: The Roots of Conflict and its Resolution; Ages & Stages of Child Development and Navigating Custody Issues. We also provide “The Dauphin County Seminar for Families in Change and Conflict”.

Our programs will help foster a child’s self-discovery, their self-development, and their interpersonal skills which will provide them a safe environment to determine their purpose and their destinations.

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